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Uniting our collective financial and bipartisan political power to advance women's health.
Join the first Women's Health PAC.
We are focused on ensuring women’s whole health is a priority on the national agenda by building a powerful, bipartisan political women’s health movement to influence the political process and support women’s health champions in key elections.​
It’s time we put our dollars behind our priorities. A group of women’s health industry leaders is launching the first-ever, bipartisan Women's Health Political Action Committee (PAC) to make women’s health an ongoing national political issue.
Through grassroots events, awareness marketing campaigns and financial support for key bipartisan candidates, we are uniting the political and financial power of women’s health in a way that cannot be ignored.
For more information and ways to get involved in leadership roles, sign up below. We need your expertise, determination and passion to make women’s health a national priority so please join the movement!
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