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A Bit About Me

I believe our health—and healthcare—is impacted by many factors beyond our health care system.  That’s why I created “Beyond the Paper Gown” –to look beyond that health care system to those factors, such as research, policy and innovation, so you can better understand how to achieve better health and wellbeing.

I’ve been passionate about women’s health for all of my professional career.  I’m a physician trained in internal medicine.  I led the creation and was the Founding Medical Director of the Iris Cantor-UCLA Women’s Health Center, designated a Center of Excellence in Women’s Health by the Department of Health and Human Services.  I then went on to become the Vice President of Women’s’ Health at Humana Inc.  Most recently, I began to invest in women’s health tech (femtech) companies, helping to mentor entrepreneuers, many of which are women who are solving problems for other women, propelled to innovate through their own health experiences.  I’m also the mother of two incredible daughters, who inspire me to leave the world a little better than how I found it.

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