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The Truth About Heart Disease in Women


Suzanne Steinbuam, MD


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In this important episode, host Dr. Mitzi Krockover is joined by Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, a leader in preventive cardiology and a strong supporter of women's heart health. They discuss the often overlooked issue of heart disease in women, which is the number one cause of death for women in the United States.

Heart disease claims more lives than all forms of cancer combined, yet it remains underestimated and misunderstood, particularly in its impact on women. This episode explores why heart disease is so deadly for women, how their symptoms differ from men, and why their treatment often falls short. Dr. Steinbaum also provides invaluable insights into how simple lifestyle changes can prevent up to 80% of heart cases.

Women often face misdiagnosis or underdiagnosis because their risk of heart disease goes unrecognized. Our conversation delves into the challenges women encounter when seeking healthcare, underscoring the importance of education and self-advocacy.

Whether you're a healthcare professional, a woman concerned about heart health, or just someone interested in learning more about this critical topic, this episode is a must-listen. Remember, knowledge is power — tune in to empower yourself with life-saving information and take charge of your heart health.

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