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Roadmap to Innovation in Aging: The FemAging Project


Deinse Pines


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Join us as Dr. Mitzi Krockover sits down with Denise Pines, award-winning documentary and TV producer, publisher, marketer, medical board member, entrepreneur and wellness advocate.

Denise shares her groundbreaking research on aging and women from the women’s point of view. The FemAging Project provides Innovators a roadmap to providing solutions for women during this phase of life. She also created WisePause Wellness and Tea Botanics–ventures that offer not just products, but also support and understanding for women navigating the complexities of perimenopause. Her dedication to inclusivity shines through her efforts to ensure health solutions are accessible to all women, with a keen focus on addressing the unique challenges faced by women of color.

This episode is an opportunity to gain insights from Pine’s vast experience and research and to understand the innovative approaches being taken to enhance women’s wellness during a critical stage of life. Whether you’re experiencing these changes yourself or are an entrepreneur curious about what the market needs, this podcast is for you. Tune in for an enlightening conversation that promises to inform, connect, and empower.

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