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Innovator Spotlight: How Gabbi Predicts Breast Cancer Risk and Empowers Women


Kaitlin Christine


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Each year, over 2 million women in the US are diagnosed with breast cancer, and many experiences delayed diagnoses that can impact their treatment options. In this episode, we speak with Kaitlin Christine, CEO, and Founder of Gabbi, the leading early detection company in cancer. Gabbi has created the first-ever consumer-facing risk model to predict a woman’s risk of breast cancer, equip her with a personalized action plan, and navigate her to early detection. In our conversation, Kaitlin takes us through the story of how her own challenging journey through breast cancer led her to create the Gabbi Risk Assessment Model (GRAM). This innovative health solution uses artificial intelligence and personalized data to predict a woman’s risk for breast cancer so she can take action to reduce her risk or find cancer at an earlier stage when cancer is treated more successfully. What’s more, Kaitlin was recently selected as Oregon’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2021, winner of the HITLAB Women’s health tech challenge, and HITLAB’s audience choice award. For more information about this episode and the Beyond The Paper Gown podcast series, please visit Beyond The Paper Gown.

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