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How to Make Connections Through Humor and Storytelling: A Candid Conversation With Steve Lichtenstein and Deena Baikowitz


Deena Baikowitz, BA, BSW & Steve Lichtenstein


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In our latest episode, we bring you a candid conversation with Steve Lichtenstein and Deena Baikowitz, where humor meets heart in a journey through life’s transitions. Join us as they open up about their unconventional paths into filmmaking and comedy, sharing hilarious anecdotes and profound insights along the way. Discover how they’ve turned laughter and storytelling into a powerful tool for advocacy. From practical communication tips on how to communicate effectively with healthcare providers, to the healing power of humor, this episode explores the intersection of health, humor, and humanity, promising laughter, learning, and a fresh perspective on living life to the fullest. Tune in now and let their contagious energy uplift and move you.

Steve’s latest project, Never Too Late, is a science fiction short film that addresses themes of AI, climate change, aging, and loneliness. Click to learn more.

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