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Expert Insights on the Business of Women’s Health


Brittany Barreto, Ph.D & Rachel Braun Scherl


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In this enlightening episode of ‘The Business of Women’s Health,’ host Dr. Mitzi Krockover is joined by Rachel Braun Scherl, Co-founder & Managing Partner, SPARK Solutions for Growth, and Brittany Barreto, PhD, Chief Innovation Officer of FemHealth Insights, Host of FemTech Focus Podcast. The discussion revolves around the impactful world of FEMtech and innovation in women’s health.

Throughout the episode, the conversation delves into various aspects of women’s health, ranging from menopause and workplace issues to the evolution of medical devices and the importance of proper female representation in clinical trials. The speakers highlight the challenges and taboos surrounding women’s health and emphasize the need for more inclusive and comprehensive healthcare solutions.

This podcast is an invaluable resource for understanding the current landscape and future potential of women’s health and innovation. It provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges, opportunities, and groundbreaking advancements shaping the future of FEM tech and women’s health. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of health, technology, and female empowerment.

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