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July 2022 Volume 4


Mitzi's Message:  The Aftershocks Continue  As the reverberations of the overturn of Roe v Wade continue, I had the opportunity to host an incredible panel of guests during our “Aftershocks” webinar on July 6 to shed light on the broad implications of this decision. They also provided practical and vital advice on navigating health care, advocating for rights, and protecting personal privacy in the wake of so many unknowns. Thank you to our panelists and to each of you who could attend the webinar. If you were unable to join us or want to review the important information, please click this link to view the recording. Resources and our speakers’ bios are also available on the website under the Aftershocks tab.

Underlying this discussion is the topic of our right to bodily autonomy. One way we can practice sovereignty is by prioritizing our sexual health and allowing ourselves permission to enjoy our bodies. As we mature and age, physical and emotional changes can occur that we may not be prepared for. Check out our most recent podcast and article on why sexual health matters and how to take charge of it. 

Issues surrounding our bodies, our rights, and the impact of all of this on our health will continue to unfold. Therefore, we will routinely add resources to our website so you can remain informed about the issues, the consequences, and the opportunities to take action, whether it be a personal commitment to your health or to impact change.

Featured Article: Sexual Health Matters - Understanding Women’s Health and Common Concerns

Female sexuality is an intimate topic and often associated with stigmas. Unfortunately, that leaves many women too ashamed or embarrassed to talk about sexual health with their physicians, especially when they are having challenges. According to Lyndsey Harper, MD, Ob-Gyn, Sexual Health Specialist, and CEO of Rosy Wellness, “There may be physicians who feel like it would be prying or that the woman might be offended or something like that.” To help you, they need to know the facts of what’s bothering you. This is especially important if what you’re experiencing is new because there could be an underlying medical problem that needs to be addressed.

Recent Podcast: Sexual Health Matters

When it comes to sexual health, 43% of women experience sexual concerns that affect their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. In this episode, we speak with Dr. Lyndsey Harper about common complaints, treatment options, and how to talk to your health care provider to get the help you need. Dr. Harper is an ob-gyn and the founder and CEO of Rosy, an award-winning women’s health technology company that connects women with sexual health concerns with hope, community, and research-backed solutions. Please visit Beyond the Paper Gown for more information about this episode and the Beyond the Paper Gown podcast series.

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"And just like earthquakes, which are pretty indiscriminate in terms of who they affect, the overturn of Roe v Wade  will impact everyone to some degree, and admittedly some more than others. But no matter our gender, political affiliation, or religion, we will all be affected in some way."

- Dr. Mitzi Krockover

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