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If you are looking for a unique gift of health, please check out these special discounted opportunities from our favorite innovators.  We do not receive any promotional fees, just the satisfaction of sharing these special products and services with our community for your health and well-being.


Happy, Healthy Holidays to you and yours from all of us at Beyond the Paper Gown.


         Take control of your menopause symptoms and begin your journey.​​​

  • Use code BTPG to receive 3 months free full access to Midday

Natural hot flash relief. Instant cooling or warming on demand with digital insights.

  • Use code BTPG20 for $20 off


  • Evvy, know what’s up “down” there.

Get unprecedented insight into your health with Evvy’s at-home vaginal microbiome test.

  • Use code BPG10 for $10 off your purchase

  • HelloGina, the mind-body solution to painful sex.

The first digital program for overcoming pain during sexual intercourse, take your sexual wellness into your own hands with HelloGina’s holistic program.

  • Use code HG20 for $20 off

Milli is a unique vaginal product for the contemporary woman.

  • Episode coming soon!

  • Use Code GOWN50 for $50 off, please ask your clinician to use this code in the Rx

Online birth control delivered.

  • Use code BTPG for $5 off your annual telemedicine visit

The sexual wellness solution we all deserve.

  • Use code BTPG for a free 1-month silver membership


It’s time to give breasts a new kind of attention.

  • Use code BTPG to receive a free Complex Creatures tote bag in addition to free shipping

Sansarc Culture is a celebration of sacred spaces and moments in time, weaving together intimate segments of our lives to consciously create timeless heirlooms and elegant gifts.

  • Spiritune, your soundtrack to a healthier life.

Spiritune combines principals of music therapy and neuroscience to help you feel great, focus better, and relax easily.

  • Use code BTPG2022 for a free one month membership

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