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Aftershocks Challenge: Policy and Legislation

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As we discussed in our webinar and podcast “Aftershocks” the affect of this decision will have broad implications on not only abortion rights but possibly a whole host of other individual rights. Aftershocks panelist Kim Christensen Clark, Legal Director of Legal Voice, remarked “This decision has broad implications for other rights previously protected including contraception, gay marriage, sexual privacy, and IVF.” This makes for an unpredictable path forward when it comes to policy decisions, including restrictions on women, for example, who need an abortion for medical reasons. Doctors may hesitate to provide needed emergency care in states that ban abortion because of the potential of being seen as an accomplice to murder, making pregnancy even more risky. One key strategy to support women’s reproductive rights and the other rights that are at risk is through advocacy. Communicating with elected officials and voting, at every level, is critical to drive legislative and policy changes. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start, but don’t worry! Check out the simple tips on how to get started on your advocacy journey.

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