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How to Use Food as Medicine, Part 1


John La Puma, MD


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If your doctor writes a prescription for a medication, you’d get it filled and take it right? But what if the doctor gave you a prescription for food? Would you be surprised? Our guest today, John La Puma, MD, Founder, Chef Clinic and Co-Founder,, does just that. He writes prescriptions for recipes that he feels are just as medically healing as some of the drugs he prescribes. He also recommends forest bathing and regenerative farming and has the evidence to prove that they can be beneficial to our health as well. Don’t worry if you don’t know what those things are. We’ve got you covered in the second part of this two-episode interview, so make sure to listen to both episodes. In fact, grab a cup of tea and a healthy snack, and sit outside if the weather’s good while we talk to a pioneer in the field of culinary medicine and more. 

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