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Explore exclusive opportunities for unique and health-conscious products in our marketplace! Delve into special discounts on items curated for their innovation and wellness focus. It's important to note that while we feature these exceptional finds, we do not endorse these products and do not accept promotional fees. Our joy comes from bringing attention to items dedicated to enhancing your health and well-being. Elevate your shopping experience with thoughtfully chosen items that prioritize both innovation and personal well-being, including a diverse range from books to wellness products.
Happy, Healthy Shopping to you from all of us at Beyond the Paper Gown.



  • All in Her Head: The Truth and Lies Early Medicine Taught Us About Women's Bodies and Why It Matters Today
    The fascinating history of women’s health as it’s never been told before. "All in Her Head" by Dr. Elizabeth Comen explores the historical and ongoing mistreatment of women's bodies in medicine, a field traditionally dominated by male perspectives. Despite modern advancements, harmful stereotypes about female bodies persist. Dr. Comen, an oncologist and medical historian, uses her expertise to uncover overlooked aspects of women's healthcare, sharing stories from medical texts, interviews, and her own practice. This book aims to empower women with knowledge and advocate for better, more joyful healthcare, blending humor, wisdom, and scientific insight to reclaim women's medical history. 

  • “Go Figure! The astonishing science of the female body.”
    The book that tells you everything you need to know about the female body, and a whole lot more simply because it is interesting. When explained in an easy manner, science can really be for everyone and there is so much to gain by understanding how our bodies work. 

  • How Do You Feel?: One Doctor’s Search for Humanity in Medicine
    A moving memoir by psychiatrist Dr. Jessi Gold, who explores the hidden emotional and physical tolls of caregiving through her own experiences and those of four patients—a resident with OCD, a pregnant nurse with PTSD, a medical student with test anxiety, and an overwhelmed ER physician. Faced with a critical mistake, Jessi reevaluates her relentless commitment to others and the healthcare system's demands. By intertwining research, personal stories, and therapy insights, "How Do You Feel?" reflects on the importance of self-care for those dedicated to caring for others, revealing a universal message about maintaining our humanity in helping professions. 

  • Sex Cells: The Fight to Overcome Bias and Discrimination in Women’s Healthcare
    "Sex Cells" by Phyllis Greenberger highlights the ongoing struggle to ensure the scientific and medical communities recognize that women are not simply small men and need sex-specific research and treatment. The book details the efforts to achieve equitable treatment for women in medical research, emphasizing the importance of understanding sex and gender differences in health. Greenberger shares her 25-year journey, along with contributions from various experts, to advocate for research that includes female cells, lab animals, and humans. With a mix of humor and passion, this book is a compelling manifesto for those interested in health, women’s rights, and public health policy.

  • “Speaking While Female: 75 Extraordinary Speeches by American Women”
    This monumental collection assembles speeches by 75 American women of every background, race, and ethnicity — some whose names are recognized and others who are barely known. Some of the speeches in this collection have never been published; others not in more than a century. Arranged chronologically, from the Puritan era to the present, they demonstrate the crucial role women have played in the nation’s long struggle to live up to its ideals.

  • "Taking Care of You: The Empowered Woman's Guide to Better Health" 
    Is an easy-to-use and practical resource guide written for women, by women. Colorful illustrations and refreshingly supportive and jargon-free language help the reader better understand what can often be dense medical information. The book focuses on the current health landscape and 55 common medical conditions that impact women more than men, or differently than men. Each clinical chapter includes what the condition is, can it be prevented, how is it treated with differences related to sex, race/ethnicity, questions to ask your doctor, and pearls of wisdom from our clinical experts. "Taking Care of You" is an accessible guide to be shared between mother and daughter, sister, aunt, and grandmother — an essential resource for every woman, and those who love her.

  • This is What I Eat
    This color-and-activity book by award-winning food stylist Aliza J. Sokolow introduces kids to healthy eating and planetary engagement. It features over 30 activities and journal pages, guiding children through culinary self-exploration with a global and community-focused perspective. Kids will learn to grow an avocado tree, discover potential foodie careers, explore global eating habits, and learn about composting to save the planet.


  • Amy
    Introducing Amy, the world's first AI Menopause Health Coach, providing personalized support, accessible 24/7, based on evidence-based treatments

    • Amy is currently free to download

  • Midday Menopause App
    Take control of your menopause symptoms and begin your journey.​​

    • Use code BTPG to receive 3 months free full access to Midday

  • Onya Bars
    Natural and nutritious granola bars to help alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

    • ​​Use code BEYOND15 to receive 15% off your purchase (offer expires 1/31/24) *this item is available only in the US



  • Adyn, The Birth Control Test
    Is the first and only test that helps people choose the best birth control for their unique body through DNA and hormone analysis.

  • Evvy, know what’s up “down” there.
    Get unprecedented insight into your health with Evvy’s at-home vaginal    
    microbiome test

  • HelloGina
    ​Designed by a team of experts in sexual and mental health, HelloGina is a guided program that helps people with vaginas overcome pain during sexual intercourse and make space for pleasure. The program combines cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) elements with dilator training and pelvic floor exercises. The program was shown to effectively reduce penetrative pain and anxiety in vaginismus patients in two clinical studies. 


  • OVY
    OVY™, is a vaginal suppository directing targeted high-dosage CBD & CBG to reduce period pain and inflammation safely and effectively. We're here to close the gender pain gap and advocate for individuals born with a uterus. Starting with period pain.

    • Use code GIFT10 to receive 10% off your purchase

  • Pulse
    With the Pulse Warming System and award-winning personal lubricants and massage oils, Pulse is redefining intimacy. Pulse provides you with
    the comfort you deserve and the pleasure you desire.

    • Now through Valentine's Day enjoy the Pulse Warming system for $50 off

  • Rosy
    The sexual wellness solution we all deserve.


  • La Puma Farms 
    On our certified organic regenerative farm in Santa Barbara, California we offer Private Programs, including Guided Tours, Calm Balm immersions, Wellness Retreats and How to Grow workshops. The farm is also health-oriented, including mental health, as care farms are through Western Europe especially, and its Private Programs emphasize the physical, mental and personal transformation that can occur in such a place.

    • Use code PaperGown to receive 10% off any Private Program which is paid for and conducted in 2024 (these take place in person in Santa Barbara, CA)

  • Sansarc Culture, elevating handcrafted culture.
    Sansarc Culture is a celebration of sacred spaces and moments in time, weaving together intimate segments of our lives to consciously create timeless heirlooms and elegant gifts.

  • The Remarkably You Spa on the Go
    Want to celebrate a remarkable woman and her accomplishments? Whether it's after one spectacular win or years of super-human contributions, honor her with the "Remarkably You Spa on the Go"–even superheroes need to recharge! Two women owned and operated companies, HIT Like a Girl Pod & AdaRose, are joining forces to support and celebrate women at work through this co-branded kit!  The Remarkably You Spa on the Go includes all the tools needed to relax, rejuvenate, and rest on those laurels, even in the midst of a demanding schedule. Unlike a trip to a day spa or a yoga studio, there’s no scheduling, planning, or travel needed.

    • Use code REMARKABLE10 to receive 10% off your purchase

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