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Making an Impact

Welcome to a world of compassion, empowerment, and transformative change for women's health. At Beyond the Paper Gown, we proudly support and collaborate with non-profits dedicated to championing the well-being of women across the globe. Our mission is to amplify the impact of these organizations, which tirelessly work towards advancing healthcare, promoting education, and fostering community support for women in need. Together, we strive to create a future where every woman has access to the resources and support necessary for her physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Join us in celebrating the strength, resilience, and unique needs of women as we stand hand in hand with these incredible non-profits, fostering a world where every woman can thrive.

Black Women’s Health Imperative

Eliminating Barriers to Wellness for Black Women and Girls
BWHI is the first and only national non-profit solely dedicated to achieving health equity for Black women in America. Founded in 1983 by Byllye Y. Avery as the National Black Women’s Health Project at a conference on the campus of Spelman College, BWHI has evolved into a nationally recognized organization leading health policy, education, research, knowledge and leadership development and communications designed to improve the healthy outcomes of Black women and girls.

Bone Health & Osteoporosis Foundation

The Bone Health & Osteoporosis Foundation (BHOF) is the leading health organization dedicated to preventing osteoporosis and broken bones, promoting strong bones for life and reducing human suffering through programs of public and clinician awareness, education, advocacy and research. Established in 1984, BHOF is the nation’s largest health organization solely dedicated to osteoporosis and bone health.  Osteoporosis is a major public health threat for an estimated 54 million Americans. Studies show that one in two women and up to one in four men over age 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis in their lifetime. BHOF works to improve patient care and support for those who have broken bones due to osteoporosis and to educate the public to prevent osteoporosis and broken bones and promote strong bones for life.

Center for Intimacy Justice

Center for Intimacy Justice is a social change organization committed to equity and wellbeing in people's intimate lives.

Coalition of Blacks Against Breast Cancer

The Coalition of Blacks Against Breast Cancer (CBBC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable information and support to Black breast cancer patients navigating the complexities of diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. CBBC also provides educational resources to educate the Black community about breast cancer prevention, detection, and screening.

Coalition of Blacks Against Prostate Cancer

The Coalition of Blacks Against Prostate Cancer (CBPC) is a non-profit organization focused on providing essential support, education, and resources tailored to enhance the survival rates of Black men diagnosed with prostate cancer. CBPC provides a supportive and safe environment for Black men impacted by prostate cancer to be uplifted and empowered, as well as educational resources, support systems, and purpose-built programs to raise awareness about prostate cancer prevention and treatment in the Black community.

Community Girls Clubs

The Community Girls Clubs aims to offer viable safe spaces for adolescent girls in Zimbabwe from a society where child sexual exploitation is rampant, gender-based violence is the order of the day and a lot of emotional and physical abuse is experience by girls and young women. The Community Girls Clubs are safe havens for girls to come and innovate together, receive skills that will improve their economic stance, get educational assistance, receive one on one counseling services and psycho-social support.


Established in 2016, HERhealthEQ was born out of a need to reduce the equity gap in access to healthcare for women around the world. What began as a singular donation of a mammogram machine to a Costa Rican hospital, has now grown into an international web of healthcare solutions. The HERhealthEQ team is driven by a desire to see less women face the choice between their own healthcare and putting food on the tables of their families. 

Institute of Mental Health Research

Funding mental health research in Arizona since 2001. Your gift helps provide vital funding to Arizona scientists pursuing innovative, early-stage research that addresses the most complex and problematic mental health issues facing society today.

La Jolla Institute for Immunology

Disease affects men and women differently, and sex-specific health differences can be glaring. La Jolla Institute for Immunology’s Center for Sex-Based Differences in the Immune System is exploring the key differences between the immune responses in male and female individuals to improve human health.

National Menopause Foundation

National Menopause Foundation was created to be a place for women to gain knowledge, be inspired, connect with others, and ultimately, feel as prepared as possible for the changes that come with perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause. Approximately 1.3 million women enter menopause each year in the U.S. and it is estimated that with women’s current average life expectancy, they will spend one-third of their lives postmenopausal. Those figures are a call to action that we need to change the status quo and pay more attention to women in this stage of life.

Project Baala

An innovative menstrual health solutions provider working to end period poverty and period illiteracy while generating employment.

Women’s Health Access Matters

WHAM is working to increase awareness of and accelerate funding for women’s health research to transform women’s lives and impact the economy.


The leading voice for the millions of American women living with or at risk of heart disease

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